The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls

The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls is Ghana’s most iconic Waterfall attraction and the highest in the West Africa sub-region. It is a popular and an extremely dramatic Waterfall that pours from a height of approximately Eighty (80) Meters. The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls has an upper and lower falls with very inviting pools at the base of both falls where the hearty and swimming freaks take their chilly and refreshingly soothing dip.

Wli Waterfalls (pronounced ‘vli’), also known as Agumatsa Falls, is a popular and dramatic tourist destination near the village of Wli, not far from the Togo border. Most visitors take the easy trek to the lower falls, which is basically a flat trail with breathtaking and beautiful scenery, made much more dramatic by the presence of millions of fruit bats nesting high up on the adjacent cliffs. However, the equally high and much more solitary upper falls are a wonderful treat for those with the stamina to complete the difficult walk. There are enticing pools at the base of both falls where the brave can enjoy a cold dip.

The 45 minutes leisurely walk to the lower fall is generally a flat track but spectacular and gorgeous in setting, that is made even more enchanted by the presence of a colony of fruit bats which are either in picturesque flight or are nestling high up on the surrounding cliffs. The more secluded upper falls is a special delight and a pack of nature’s gift that always awaits those with the stamina for a tough climb that comes with an extra bonus of burning some more calories.

The path to the falls is encased in the Agumatsa Wildlife Sanctuary which is home to monkeys and baboons and more than Two Hundred (200) bird and Four Hundred (400) butterfly species. The forest of well conserved African medicinal and economic tree plant species with carpets of under-grown shrubs of different kinds, provides a soothing canopy for a journey that is well interspersed by foot bridge crossings at Ten (10) different points as a result of a beautifully clear and meandering stream which source is the out-flow of the pool at the base of the lower fall. The lovely moisture-laden breeze that greets visitors to the falls a hundred metres distant is always a delightful reward that more than makes up for the 45-minute walk.

The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls receives an average of Fifteen Thousand (15,000) tourists annually from within and around the globe. The Tourist Reception Centre has an administrative framework that processes and assigns Tour Guides to visitors that travel to the falls. The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls are located in the twin settlements of Wli Agorviefe and Afegame, about 280 kilometres from Accra, Ghana’s capital. The Wli Traditional Area is in Ghana’s Volta Region, specifically in the Hohoe Municipality. The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls experience is always a step towards harmony with nature. It is always natural and medicinal!