Cultural Riches

The Volta Region is a mosaic of ethnic groups, each with its own unique traditions and cultural practices. The region's rich cultural heritage is evident in its festivals, music, dance, and crafts. The Ewe people, who form the majority of the population in the Volta Region, have a vibrant culture that is showcased in their festivals, music, and dance. The Agbadza dance, for instance, is a traditional war dance that has evolved into a popular social dance performed at various celebrations.


In the heart of the Volta Region, where the lush green hills met the azure waters of Lake Volta, there lived a farmer named Kwame. His days began with the sun peeking over the distant mountains, casting a golden hue on the thatched roofs of his village.

Mount Afadja

Mount Afadja, known as Afadjato to the Ewe people of Ghana and Togo, stands as one of the highest peaks in Ghana. Its summit is located in the Volta Region, near the border with Togo, close to the villages of Liati Wote and Gbledi Gbogame in the Afadjato South District and Hohoe Municipality, respectively.

The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls

The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls is Ghana’s most iconic Waterfall attraction and the highest in the West Africa sub-region. It is a popular and an extremely dramatic Waterfall that pours from a height of approximately Eighty (80) Meters. The Wli Agumatsa Waterfalls has an upper and lower falls with very inviting pools at the base of both falls where the hearty and swimming freaks take their chilly and refreshingly soothing dip.

The Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, Ghana

The Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary and Cultural Village is located in Ghana’s Volta Region, and it is here that residents and Mona Monkeys form an amazing friendship. In 1993, the people living in Tafi Atome bravely decided to create the…